Beyond the Bullsh*t (for Men)

There’s a huge amount of discussion around mental health awareness and removing taboos. What’s missing is the practical steps that ensure we’re taking care of our own mental health, and supporting our mates. Facilitated by myself and developed from programs I run for corporate groups, ‘Beyond the Bullsh*t’ is a casual program for men that will fill… Continue reading Beyond the Bullsh*t (for Men)

Why Relying on Motivation Lets You Down

Motivation is unreliable and if we don’t use it right, discipline can fail us, too. We live in a world where people expect us to use fear as motivational fuel. “If you don’t exercise and eat exactly the right foods, you’ll become unhealthy!” they say. “If you don’t get out and crush those goals, you’re… Continue reading Why Relying on Motivation Lets You Down

Dealing with difficult people

You may have heard the story about the Buddha where a verbally abusive man came to see him and started hurling insults, but the Buddha just sat there calmly. After some time, the abusive man asked the Buddha why he failed to respond. The Buddha replied, “If someone offers you a gift, and you decline to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?”